Buy a Property - Buyer information


The years pass, generations change and each generation have very different criteria.

In the era of computer technology, social media, the speed and facility of obtaining information, with more and more people starting their own businesses, all of this has a big impact on Real Estate. We buy and sell online at a speed that is almost excessive, yet the buying or selling of a property remains one of the most important transactions of a lifetime.

If it is your first home or your last home, your lifestyle and those of your family will be transformed. Some will even have the impression of being uprooted. All will have to adapt and integrate into a new environment. Therefore, it is of the greatest importance that your decision to buy or sell, be well thought out and organized for the happiness of all.

When it comes to selling your home, memories and emotions are very high on the list of this new adventure. This is completely normal, yet, one must remain objective when it comes to pricing a property. It is often easier to let go of your present home when you have an idea in what neighborhood you hope your new property will be located.

For buyers, what is first on their list of priorities are their must have's, and this is usually very different from the list of priorities of the sellers. Buyers look for the location, neighborhood, surrounding environment that corresponds to their lifestyle. Many factors are taken into consideration: condo or house, country life or city, or waterfront property, size of the land, view, family neighborhood all come into consideration. Some families will prioritize being close to services, parks, schools or public transportation. Here are the questions that each buyer will ask themselves.

If all your needs have been taken into consideration, then the financial capacity must be established. It is easy for a buyer to ‘fall in love' with a home, it is after all the buyer would will be enjoying the benefits of this new dream home, a home that answers to their expectations.

We are all searching for a feeling of well-being and comfort. Therefore to summarize, yes, buying or selling a property has an emotional side, but establishing a list of priorities will help in choosing the right home and will make the whole transaction more logical and agreeable.