Feedback from our clients

September 2021
Jacinthe Dubé is an experienced, hard-working and efficient real estate agent. Good publicity and guaranteed positive results.
Sylvie Hotte

September 2021
We did business with Jacinthe Dubé for the sale of our residence as well as the purchase of our new condo. We particularly appreciated his knowledge of the market, marketing, the qualification of buyers and his know-how in negotiations. Mrs. Dubé knew how to surround herself with a solid team, for our part, we benefited from the attentive services of Nadia and Suzanne.

Francine & Michel

September 2021
We appreciated Ms. Dubé's professional services. She was able to showcase our house and she was very involved in all stages of the sale process.
Louise Garant


Septembre 2021
André and I were really very satisfied. Jacinthe was always available and when she was busy her team was there for us. Once again, a big thank you for your efficiency and your attention.
Céline et André Patry

September 2021
My comments

  • I called on the services of Mrs. Dubé, at the end of 2020, for the sale of my last two lots out of a total of 14.
  • The sale of these lands required an experienced broker due to the complexity of the transaction. We are talking about the involvement of the City, a lawyer and an engineering firm, including a multitude of uncommon easements
  • The two land found takers in a short time thanks to Ms. Dubé's network of contacts
  • Land sold at asking price
  • The usual paperwork was prepared by herself supported by a most professional team with great diligence
  • According to this experience, we (Les Immeubles DICI Ltée) would not hesitate for a moment to have Ms. Dubé done again


Ms. Dubé's strengths

  • Intelligent woman
  • Visionary, she does value-added building
  • Has extensive knowledge in all areas related to his job
  • Not afraid of the hours of work she puts into a file
  • Very strong business acumen

This is my humble option, as mentioned above, I would not hesitate to call on his services.

Carol Boulet



September 2021
Very much appreciated the services of Mme. Dubé for the sale of my home and purchase of another last year. Her vast experience and knowledge were apparent throughout the process and I particularly appreciated her attention to details in the home staging and purchase negotiations. A job well done with professionalism. Bravo Jacinthe et merci beaucoup !
Stephen Tribble



August 2021
Jacinthe Dubé is very professional. His tact and his ability to deal well with the unexpected were greatly appreciated. She is respectful and knows how to inspire confidence. It was a pleasure doing business with her.
Larry Vale



August 2021
I myself have been a real estate broker for 22 years, and I used the services of Mrs. Jacinthe Dubé, for a transaction in Estrie, and her expertise, dedication and knowledge of the market impressed me a lot. His service to the seller and the buyer is impeccable. Thanks Jacinthe!
Jean-Sébastien Boiteau



August 2021
I really appreciated her professionalism, the time, the energy and the heart that she and her team put into the purchase of my property. The regular and punctual information that she sent to me. I also felt confident with this experienced person throughout our business relationship. Very good service.
Robert Bastarache



August 2021
Jacinthe certainly stands out for her undeniable experience. Without forgetting his energy and his ability to put people in confidence. Thanks Jacinthe!
Isabelle Robichaud



April 2020
Ms. Jacinthe Dubé is very dynamic and efficient.

Sylvie Hotte



July 2019

I experienced Jacinthe Dubé, an incredible person who knew how to develop a unique market in order to offer these customers exceptional service. I was very pleasantly impressed and recommend it to you if, like me, you are tired of having visits from unserious people.

Sylvain Rousseau



June 2019
A true real estate professional.

Louis-Marie Pelletier