House selling preparation

Selling your house: tips and tricks to help plan a house visit.

When it comes to selling your house or any valuable assets, the secret often lies in the attention to details. This becomes particularly true when you're thinking of selling your house. A potential buyer will consider purchasing a property and not disregard it if attention is given to every detail. Although looking after your house is a must-do, the first thing you need to remember is to set up a mood that will entice the buyer.


Having an inviting landscaping makes a good first impression when selling a house

First impressions always count because they often last long. Look at your house as objectively as possible and try to keep in mind what a potential buyer is looking for. For example, what do you see when you first get there by car? Is the landscaping clean and neat? If not, get to your brushes and paintbrushes and get moving! Don't forget window frames, shutters and doors. An extra touch of fertilizer on your lawn will give it that great green color house buyers are looking for. A mowed lawn, trimmed hedges and a garden cleared of its bad weeds will make guests want to pursue their visit.


Keep the furry ones away when staging a house visit

Be careful about the presence of your pets; all this extra attention does not include having Fido and Kitty around! Household pets should be conspicuous by their absence at the time of open house visits of your property. Think of phobias, allergies, unpleasant smells and distractions. Keep in mind that even though some visitors love animals, you don't want them wasting their time affectionately looking at your pets instead of noticing your house's most attractive features. Also, make sure your cat's litter box is in impeccable condition. Those who don't normally live with animals are especially sensitive to bad odors.


The sweet smells of selling your house

Same thing goes for removing cigarette odor before the visit. Air out the house and install air-fresheners in wardrobes to get rid of any moldy smells. Place cut out flowers in some rooms. Bake some bread and place pot-pourris throughout the house. The air will be filled with seductive aromas. What you're looking to do is to focus your potential buyer's attention on the purpose of his or her visit; to appreciate how charming and practical your property is.


House appeal: keep it neutral to help sell your home

Furthermore, kids and adults, including you, should not be around during the open house. A homeowner's presence could make potential buyers reserved and unwilling to honestly express their thoughts. Another reason why it is preferable for a homeowner to be absent is that they may feel a certain emotional attachment to their own home thus disabling them from having an objective point of view. Clear everything out. Remove clutter on countertops. Clean up cupboards, garage, basement and attic. This way, your house will look cleaner and more spacious. You can also add a fresh coat of neutral paint color. It's a proven and inexpensive way to enhance a house's appeal.


House visit: a little housework can go a long way

When everything's bright and clean, sales become a piece of cake! So brush, clean and polish away windows, walls, floors and tiles! Wash dirty carpets. Clean under the sinks, fix leaks, get rid of any signs of damages and apply a coat of paint. Use specific products to eliminate bathroom, bath and sink stains. Replace broken or leaky kitchen and bathroom accessories. Let the light shine through. Use powerful light bulbs. Open curtains and blinds; this way, rooms will look larger. In the evening, open up your porch light and any other outside lights. Make sure downpipes, soffits and gutters are in good condition and are devoid of leaves or other waste. If your doors and cabinets creak, making your house sound like a haunted one, oil the hinges. Also, rub used surfaces with a block of paraffin. During the winter, take out the snow on your stairs, on the driveway and scatter sand or salt on them. Put away your bikes and skateboards.

Now that you've taken care of these small troubles, the big ones will handle themselves. All you have left to do is to open your doors wide and welcome in those potential buyers!