Buy a Property - Buyer information


  • Purchasing a home involves one-time costs and monthly expenses.
  • The largest one-time cost is the down payment. It usually represents between 5-25% of the total price of the property.
  • In addition to the actual purchase price, there are a number of other expenses that you might be expected to pay. These are listed below:

Typical One-Time Expenses:


Mortgage Application and Appraisal Fee

At time of application
Property Inspection (optional) At inspection
Legal Fees At closing

Legal Disbursements

At closing

Property Survey
(sometimes provided by seller)
At closing
Land transfer, Deed tax or Property
Purchase Tax (in Quebec within 3 months following signing)
At closing
Mortgage Interest Adjustment and
Take Over Fee (if applicable)
At closing
Adjustments for Utilities, Property Taxes, etc. At closing
Mortgage Insurance
(and Application Fee if applicable)
At closing
Home and Property Insurance
At closing and ongoing
Moving Expenses Moving day




Other costs may include landscaping, redecorating, furnishings, appliances and repairs.

Typical monthly costs associated with home ownership are mortgage payments, maintenance, insurance, condo fees, property taxes and utilities.