Jacinthe Dubé

Real estate broker

Telephone: (819) 564-5000
Cellphone: (819) 572-5000)
Fax: (819) 564-1642
Email: maison@jacinthe-dube.com

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Throughout the years, Madame Dubé has earned the reputation of being an honest broker by her work and dedication towards the Quebec society. Her unique experience, her competence, her know-how, makes her a trustworthy broker and a model of success.

Passionate about architecture, construction and home staging, since the beginning of her career it is now 41 years that the name Jacinthe Dubé, is synonymous with excellence in the field of real estate. Having been acknowledged time and again at the summit of the industry by her peers for the consistency of her accomplishments, it is with a rare sense  of devotion that Madame Dubé exercises her profession of chartered real estate broker, as well as showcasing the merits of the Eastern Townships to the four corners of the globe. Having more than one string to her bow, she provides day after day, the proof of a flourishing career where her numerous successes are testimony to her profound commitment to always better serve her clients.

Considered by the community of Sherbrooke, as a generous business woman, as well as being very modern and competitive, Jacinthe Dubé navigates tirelessly through a market which is in constant evolution. For her, each person, each property and each transaction has its own unique character and is treated as such in the application of the diversified mandates that she is confided. Thanks to her in-depth knowledge of the Townships real estate market, her network of carefully selected partners, her competent employees who are equipped with the latest technologies and with over 5 700 successful transactions to her credit, Jacinthe Dubé is without contest the number one choice in the Eastern Townships when it comes the time, to sell or buy a property.


Professional Accomplishments

Starting as a real estate agent for Permanent Canada Trust 1980

Graduating to Chartered Real Estate Broker in 1984

Exclusive contract for the sale of one section of the Memphré Club condos in 1986

Construction DELJ  signs an exclusive contract with Jacinthe Dubé for the sale of 22 triplex on Paul-Desruisseau Street next to the golf, 1988-1989

Groupe Immobilier Jacinthe Dubé is created and becomes the best banner in 1993

Exclusive contract for the sale of a block of 48 Condos Impressive Projet: Altitude 2525 in Sherbrooke, 1993-1994

Groupe Immobilier Jacinthe Dubé buys the 1st franchise Royal Lepage in Quebec, 1997

Awards and Honors

Nomination to Leader in Canada, the Permanent Canada Trust, 1983-1992

First place, best residential seller in Canada, The Permanent Canada Trust, 1985-1992

Second place best residential seller in Canada, The Permanent Canada Trust, 1989

Business woman of the year in the Eastern Townships, 1987

Honoured guest at the yearly Assembly of stock holders for the Canada Trust Company and Imaso London, Ontario, honourable mention for the performances in real estate and the image of success throughout Canada, 1988

Tribute from the House of Commons (presented by Jean Charest) for the title of Best Seller in Canada, 1990

Tribute from the Delegated Minister of Feminine Condition and the Minister responsible of Family Affairs, 1990

Award Charles-Émile Bélanger, Business woman of the year in the Eastern Townships, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society, 1991

Business of the year, Gala Reconnaissance Estrie, 1994

Nomination, Gala Reconnaissance Estrie, 1995-1996

Excellence Award from Fraternity, Immigration Minister and citizen relationships, 1996-1997

First place seller of the year in the individual category, in Québec, Royal LePage, 1997-2014

Club of 10, provincial category, individual Royal LePage, 1997-2014

Club of 10 national category, individual Royal LePage, since 2000

Member of Presidential Who’s Who, 2008-2010-2012-2014-2015-2017

Mention for her implication, her dedication and her assistance for the Fondation du CHUS, June 2010

Honourable mention for Madame Dubé’s implication and support for the research of children’s diseases in Québec, 2013

Certificate of reconnaissance from the Canadian Cancer Society, 20th edition of the Gala des grands chefs de l’Estrie, 2014

Nomination of the year for New Service Business, Gala reconnaissance Estrie, 2014

Certificate of reconnaissance for her implication and support for the 33rd edition of Homards à Volonté, (All you can eat Lobsters) fundraiser for the profit of Stentors, 2015

Tribute to the 30 Entrepreneurs Estriens, that have created, innovated, persevered and obtained fame. These individuals contributed to the economic activity of the Townships and are now an inspiration for the new future entrepreneurs in Québec, 2016

Nomination for North America’s 3% of brokers in America that have distinguished themselves in their professions, 2017


Invited speaker to; Motivation to Brokers, the Permanent, Hyatt-Regency- Montreal, 1982

Invited conference speaker, University of Sherbrooke, 1989

Invited conference speaker with Jean-Marc Chaput and Og Mendino: Symposium on Motivation, Sheraton Centre, Laval 1989

Conference at Manoir Richelieu, for the graduates of the faculty of administration of Sherbrooke University ( L’intégrité  et les Connaissances du Monde des affaires) Integrity and Expertise in the world of Business, 1995

Public Engagements

President of L’operation Nez-Rouge, 1987

Honorary President for the  Golf Classic of SunLife, 1988

President for an important fundraiser for the provincial Red Cross, 1988

President for the (théâtre du sang neuf), 1989

President for Moisson Estrie, 1989-1991

Honorary President for, Salon de la Femme, 1990

Member of the Executive Comity for the Chamber of Commerce, Sherbrooke, 1991-1998

Honorary President, Golf Tournament, Chamber of Commerce, Sherbrooke, 1992

Honorary President for the Brunch of the Annual Benefice for the Association of Parents and Friends for mental illness in Estrie, 1992

Spokesperson for Rose des Vents, 1993

Gouverneur, Orchestre Symphonique de Sherbrooke, 1992-1994-1996-1997

Honorary President Téléthon for C.H.U.S, 1993-1994

Honorary President for the Career Day (Envol à l’Université), 1994

Comity consultant member for the Provincial National Bank, 1994

Honorary President, Graduation Prom Night for the Administration Faculty, Sherbrooke University, 1995

Member of the organization Comity, Jeux du Quebec, 1995

Honorary President, Gala reconnaissance Estrie, 1995-1996

Honorary President, for the fundraiser for Aube-Lumière, 1995-1996

Member of the consulting committee for Regional Royal Bank, 1995-1996

Member of the fundraiser for the Scouts, 1996

Honorary President and master of ceremonies for the fundraiser Source SOLEIL (homeless),1999

Honorary President for the contest "Devenez Entreprenneur" (Become a Business person), in collaboration with Sherbrooke College, 1996-1997

Honorary President and spokesperson for, Association Le Rappelle sur la Protection des Lac in Estrie, (Association for Protection of Lakes in the Townships), 2000

Honorary President for the Golf Tournament Annie Perreault, fundraiser for 12 Athletes in the Townships, 2007

Honorary Guest for the Mérite Sportif Estrien 26th Edition, 2008

Honorary President and major sponsor for the Benefit dinner fundraiser for the Fondation du C.H.U.S., 2010

Honorary President, Wine auction, Fondation des Étoiles, 2010-2011

Honorary President, for Téléthon – TVA fundraiser for C.H.U.S., 2011

Honorary President, for fundraiser for Pediatrics for C.H.U.S., 2014

Honorary President and spokesperson for the 20th Edition of the Canadian Cancer Society, 2014

Honorary President Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke, 2019

Newspaper articles

Le Devoir. La vie Économique : Le meilleur courtier immobilier au pays est une Sherbrookoise
22 avril 1987

Le magazine PME, Jacinthe Dubé : Les exploits d’une Courtière en Immobilier, octobre 1988

JOURNAL Finance : Dubé is Sherbrooke’s super Sales-women as Real Estate Brocker, août 1989

Châtelaine, Courtier immobilier ; La vie d’une millionnaire de 36 ansmars 1990

La nouvelle, L’expérience d’une gagnante à votre service, mars 1991

Habitation, Jacinthe Dubé de Sherbrooke ; La championne des ventes immobilières pour tout le Canada, 1993

Affaires Estrie ; Le magazine des affaires en Estrie, Vol.2 No.5, La passion de Jacinthe Dubé ? 
Les maisons
juin-juillet 1993

La tribune, Un groupe immobilier qui met les bouchées doubles18 février 1994

Coup d’œil, Le groupe immobilier Jacinthe Dubé, Le seul Courtier au Québec et à travers le Canada à posséder le système Multi-Média, 5 novembre 1994

La Tribune, Rien ne destinait Jacinthe Dubé à l’immobilier, 26 juin 1995

La Tribune, Le gala Reconnaissance Estrie se déroulera le 16 février

La Tribune, Tous les jours, Jacinthe Dubé réinvente l’immobilier8 novembre 1996

La Tribune,  Le Groupe Immobilier Jacinthe Dubé devient la Première Bannière Royal LePage au Québec, 2 décembre 1997

Journal de Sherbrooke, Jacinthe Dubé ; l’expérience qui fait la différence !, 2001

La Tribune Cahier Souvenir de la Ville de Sherbrooke  Jacinthe Dubé au-delà de son entreprise, septembre 2002

Défi ; Le Journal des femmes et des hommes d’affaires, vol.2 No.1, La clé du succès selon Jacinthe Dubé ; aime ce que tu fais, 2004

Estrie Magazine, Jacinthe Dubé ; La clé des gens heureux2005-2006

Reportage sur Jacinthe Dubé Haute Voltige, été 2007

Mme Jacinthe Dubé donne l’exemple à tous les régions du Québec par son implication pour la recherche pour la guérison des enfants malades au Québec. Communiqué provincial de Michel Lentaigne,-2011

Academic formations

1973 –Graduate of Administration(Accounting and Marketing) University of Sherbooke

1970 à 1972 -D.E.C. in Administration, Collège de Sherbrooke

1965 à 1970 - High School graduate - Collège du Mont-Notre-Dame

Other achievements

1972- Managing Director of a Government Project –Local Initiative – Broker’s  Help, 7 employees.

1973 – Director of a second project funded by a government grant : Township Décors, 20 employees

1974-1976 - Founder of a Waterskiing – Barefoot Ski Club, Spain

1977-1978-Owner of Jasmin Imports Enrg. Importation of fashion jewellery in Canada

1977- Assistant for the film, Les Chingus, (Amazonian Tribe), 1976 and sold the film to Beaux Dimanches,

1979- World Champion for Free Style and 17th Olympic triangle Windsurfing, Clear Water Beach, 1979

1996-1998 -Founder of the first Trapeze School in North America. Supported by Jean Charest, National School of Circus, Sherbrooke, Le Trapéze volant de L’Estrie 1996-1998.


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